Welcome to GAIA!

Welcome to GAIA!


Firstly a warm welcome to our store! We wanted to start by explaining a bit about us and what we do :)

Gaia ecowear is a small independent store (a one woman band, run from home) selling stylish, comfy, everyday clothing that is kind to our planet.The idea began from our love of yoga and wearing leggings and hoody's most days... whether we were actually doing any exercise is another matter entirely... ;O) 

Now.. we definitely are not working out or practising yoga everyday, yet our leggings are still pulled gratefully on at least 5 out of 7 days of the week, whether just doing chores, walking the dog, chilling out , working from home or showing up at the school gates, they are our go to clothing item.

As much as we absolutely put comfort at the top of the list we also have a passion for fashion and style in general and love on the very odd occasion to get glammed up! We realise the importance and confidence boost of how it makes us feel if we are wearing something we really love and how that can really change how we feel throughout the day ( but as soon as we are back through the front door those leggings and comfy's are back on!)

Because of this passion for comfort and style we decided we wanted to combine the two and design and source our own leggings and apparel and sell exactly what we would like to be purchasing and wearing on an everyday basis when going about our normal lives which still makes us feel good.

We are very passionate about the planet and trying to be as eco conscious as we possibly can (still always learning) Because of this passion we wanted to incorporate the clothing into this category otherwise it would not be staying authentic to who we are, this is where Gaia was born!

Gaia ecowear provides eco conscious sustainable clothing that is gentle on our planet! We sell vegan friendly, organic and ethically made/sourced clothing, some of the fabrics are reused materials and even made from old sea plastics (RPET) which we are super proud of!

We want to be a brand that is inclusive to everybody, all genders and all sizes and will try our best to make this happen, we aim to offer clothing for all and whether that be to wear when taking the kids or yourself out on your bike at the weekend, going to meet your mates for a pint or generally just wanted to feel pretty good whilst chilling.. we hope we can be the brand for you.

We do not use plastic in any of our packaging and your purchase will be delivered in either recycled, recyclable or compostable mailers. We also promise to plant a tree with every purchase therefore helping to offset carbon emissions.

We are very passionate about our brand and hope you become the same too!

Thankyou for taking the time to read, Now.... why not go and treat yourself , you deserve it!


GAIA xxx





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